A Year of NYC Microseasons!

The NYC Microseasons project I’ve been doing with my friend Erin Chapman reached a full year of seasons on Winter Solstice 2022. Visit our site for all of our weekly missives and sign up for the newsletter:

Each week was an opportunity to pay close attention to the small changes in both the natural and unnatural world, where coyotes roam the urban edges and marsh birds wade on a fragmented shore. Appreciating the droning song of window AC units along with the morning croon of the mourning doves, the chaotic appearance of potholes as well as the beautiful silhouettes of great trees, revealed that while the months seem to fly by, there are signals of time all around us. Forecasting these Microseasons encouraged us to slow down and notice even the more unpleasant parts of city life, such as the aerial flotsam that catches in the trees and wasps invading summer picnics, and consider what part they play in making this a place like no other.